How a CBD Ads Agency can help you get ad approval on Facebook & Google Ads?

How a CBD Ads Agency can help you get ad approval on Facebook & Google Ads?

Are you looking for a way to market your CBD products on famous platforms like Facebook and Google? If so, you don’t have to worry anymore. We have created an in-depth analysis of how a CBD ads agency can help you advertise on different platforms trouble-free.
Marketing CBD products is difficult on Facebook and Google Ads because these companies are very concerned about the potential legal responsibilities. Furthermore, CBD advertising has restrictions because of concerns like making false health claims.
Fortunately, a CBD marketing agency can help you in this situation. CBD marketing agencies use an ads cloaking technique that can help you market CBD products on Facebook and Google Ads.
Cloaking Ads ensures that the ad reviewers or bots from search engines and social media companies cannot see your CBD content.
We tailored the perfect analysis on how a CBD ads agency can help you get FaceBook and Google Ads approval. This article will also discuss Facebook and Google’s ad policies for CBD.
What is CBD?
CBD is a prescription drug that is also known as Cannabidiol. It is a prominent compound extracted from resins, flowering parts, and leaves of two strains of cannabis plants. These two strains are industrial hemp and marijuana.
It is a popular natural remedy for many health ailments. Furthermore, it provides relaxation and pain relief without affecting your mental state. Moreover, it does not include a sense of psychoactivity and hallucination when you consume it.

ads cloaking technique
ads cloaking technique

Why is CBD Marketing not allowed on Facebook and Google Ads?

Facebook and Google ads have policies that prohibit CBD marketing on its platform. Following are the policies of both social media companies, which show that you need help to market CBD content on their platform. 

Facebook Ads Policies:

Although CBD ads do not violate any stipulations by Facebook, it continues to reject them. Facebook, in general, has not mentioned CBD anywhere in its public ad guidelines. However, it has an internal policy that specifically bans ads for CBD. Following are the relevant Facebook ad policies.

  • Advertisements must not include, facilitate, or promote illegal products, services, or activities.
  • Advertisements targeted to minors must not promote products or content that is illegal, unsafe, or inappropriate.
  • Adverts must not include promoting services or products that mislead and exploit different age groups. 

Google Ads Policies:

According to Google, CBD comes under the parameters of dangerous products or services. Google says that they don’t allow marketing products and services that can cause mental health issues, damage, or harm. Google bans the following.

  • Ads for products that alter mental state for recreation or euphoria.
  • Advertisements of services marketed as supporting recreational drug usage.
  • Advertisements for the content that provides instruction on making, purchasing, or usage of recreational drugs. 

How CBD Marketing Agency Works?

A CBD ads agency can help you get approval for your CBD content on Facebook and Google ads. It is because the marketing agencies use ad cloakers. Ad clocking is a helpful technique that ensures your grey niche is promotable on well-known social platforms like Facebook and Google. 

Ad Cloaking Technique: 

The ad cloaking technique ensures that your restricted CBD business URL and content are hidden by Google or Facebook’s ad auditors, reviewers, and bots. As a result, it optimizes your CBD content by removing certain specific keywords. The ad Cloaker shows different content to ad reviewers and other content to customers and people on the internet who see the ad. 

Benefits of CBD Ad Agency

A good CBD marketing agency that uses the ideal ad cloaking service is beneficial. It will help you get your ad approval on Facebook and Google ads. Cloaking Ads is the ideal CBD ads agency that can help you market your brand on different search engines and social media platforms. It utilizes different methods to keep you safe from ad restrictions.

One of the ad cloaking methods includes Updated IP Filtration. Cloaking Ads uses updated IP database filtration algorithms, efficiently identifying ad bots and saving your advertisement traffic. Therefore, our CBD ads agency shows your grey offer brand page to safe traffic and a separate policy safe page to ad bots and social media ad reviewers. 

Furthermore, a Sensing Filter is also utilized by Cloaking Ads. It enables your CBD brand to get Facebook and Google ad approvals to run ad campaigns hassle-free. The ad Cloaker shows a safe landing page with CBD-compliant content to ad auditors, reviewers, and bots. Likewise, showing the restricted content to safe traffic. 

Why do CBD brands face challenges while marketing on Facebook and Google?

The CBD market faces a lot of challenges because of the following reasons.

  • Lack of Awareness:

Some people think that CBD oil is illegal or addictive because of its relationship with industrial hemp and marijuana. Both of these substances are used for recreational purposes. However, this is not the case. CBD is an entirely legal, safe, and a good alternative to some medicines that are used for fighting pain and depression. 

  • Facebook and Google Restrictions:

Facebook and Google have internal policies that restrict or ban CBD advertisements. 

  • Confusing Laws:

Most of the laws and regulations related to CBD promotions are complicated and confusing in most cases. Because of this, banks and investors consider it to be a high-risk business

Despite all the challenges, a CBD ads agency can easily help you promote your CBD content on Facebook and Google marketplaces.

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Cloaking Ads: The right choice for getting approval on CBD ads

Cloaking Ads is the ideal marketing agency to help you get your CBD ads approved on Google and Facebook. It guarantees ad approvals for various grey niches, including hemp, CBD, beauty, medical & healthcare averts. You can use Cloaking Ads for marketing your CBD brand at a reasonable price

Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, getting ad approval on Facebook and Google ads is effortless with the perfect CBD ads agency. We extensively researched to determine the perfect marketing agency that can easily get your CBD ads approved on different social media platforms. 

It was found that Cloaking Ads is optimal for fulfilling your CBD ad requirements. That’s why we suggest you use it. Thus, it helps you market your brand on Facebook and Google to touch the skies of limitless promotion. Contact us for further information and help regarding your CBD ads approval on Facebook and Google ads.

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