Why a Specialist CBD Ads Agency is Important To Get Approval and Scale Ads?

Why a Specialist CBD Ads Agency is Important To Get Approval and Scale Ads?

Are you having difficulty getting ad approval and scaling your CBD-related ads? If yes, then there is no need to worry anymore. A specialist CBD ads agency is all you need to overcome this issue. We have created an in-depth guide on how a reliable CBD advertising agency such as Ads Cloaking can help you get easy ad approval on any platform. 

As you know, most marketing happens online these days. However, online advertising requires robust strategies to make the campaign successful. The CBD industry has experienced impressive growth due to the increasing interest in CBD products. Unfortunately, it is not easy to advertise CBD products on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Even hemp-derived CBD was legalized in 2018, despite Google and Facebook still treating CBD advertisements as illegal

However, you don’t need to worry because a reliable CBD ads agency can help you get approval for your CBD ad campaigns. Ad agencies utilize well-crafted digital advertising strategies and cloaking technologies to get ad approval and scale your CBD ads. They also track the performance of your ads and help create engaging ad campaigns. Therefore, hiring a CBD advertising agency is worth a shot. 

We suggest you partner with Ads Cloaking. It is a trustworthy social media ads agency and cloaking service provider That guarantees its customers’ ad approvals for restricted businesses. Ads Cloaking utilizes advanced IP databases and efficient algorithms to distinguish between human audiences and ad bots. 

This article will discuss the significant role of a specialist CBD advertising agency in getting CBD ad approval and scaling ads. 

What is a CBD Ads Agency?

A CBD advert agency is your marketing partner that helps advertise your CBD products by creating compelling ads for ad campaigns. Adopting helpful strategies and cloaking techniques can quickly get you ad approval. 

CBD ad cloaking is a valuable technique that allows advertisers to get ad approval on platforms like Google and Facebook. This is achieved by creating a safe page for ad bots and an engaging offer page for the target human audience. Similarly, cloaking redirects ad bots and reviewers to the secure page, which complies with all platform policies. On the other hand, viewers see the offer page, which promotes restricted CBD products or services. 

Ads Cloaking has in-depth knowledge of the policies and regulatory structure of social media platforms and search engines. Therefore, partnering with it allows you to navigate the intricacies of marketing CBD products effectively. 

How can a Specialist CBD Ads Agency Help Getal and Scaling

Scale CBD ads agency help you get approval and scale your ads because of certain specialties?

  • In-Depth Knowledge of Policies:

CBD products possess stringent restrictions and policies depending on different geographical situations. Due to the various geographical limitations of its promotion and advertising, CBD has specific guidelines that restrict advertisers from what they can promote about the product or whatnot. Therefore, it can become difficult for you to keep up with all legal requirements and specific policies. A CBD advertising agency has in-depth knowledge of changing regulations. So, it ensures that your ad complies with all platform policies and regulations. This way, the CBD ad gets approval smoothly.

Furthermore, due to CBD’s intricate legal status, platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Google have strict policies for CBD brands. Similarly, these policies vary frequently, making checking all the changing policies challenging. Therefore, a CBD ads agency can be helpful because it regularly keeps update on the changing policies. Additionally, it knows what keywords should be used in your ad to get approval easily.

  • Crafts Compelling Ad Content:

A specialist CBD marketing agency crafts compelling content that engages the user and provides detailed information. It crafts the right content that improves CBD products’ benefits without making misleading claims. Furthermore, Ads Cloaking also mentions customer reviews, uses scientific studies in the adverts, and presents them to viewers policy-compliantly. 

Additionally, it is essential to focus on the keywords you are using in your CBD ads. An expert CBD advert agency carefully incorporates the right keywords to avoid ad rejection and utilizes attractive visuals in the ad to capture users’ attention. 

CBD ads agency
CBD ads agency
  • Use Alternative Marketing Channels:

CBD ad agencies also use alternative marketing channels to advertise your products or services. This helps in advertising when most significant platforms disapprove of due to strict regulations. Ad agencies have adopted three main alternative marketing channels. The first is programmatic advertising, which uses advanced software that automatically purchases and places displaced ads on platforms. As a result, it targets the right audience and ensures that your advertising budget is utilized smartly.

Next is native marketing, which involves embedded ads. These ads look like they are part of the webpage on which they appear. Most people get annoyed by pop-up ads, so native ads blend easily with website content and do not appear bothersome to viewers. 

Furthermore, Ads Cloaking uses marketing through influencers to recommend your CBD products. Social media influencers have many followers, and ad agencies use them correctly to get their attention.

  • Monitors CBD Performance:

After getting approval for your CBD ad, the CBD ads agency monitors the ad campaign’s performance. Tracking the ad’s performance is crucial for keeping an update on how well your ad is doing on different platforms. Ads Cloaking uses specific tools and tracks insights into your ad. These insights include how many people see your ad, its click-through rate (CTR), and how many purchases are made from your website through the ad. 

Agencies acquire this technique to continuously check which strategy is working and which could be doing better. This way, they can change the tactics to ensure your adverts run optimally on all marketplaces. 

  • A/B Testing:

A/B testing is a valuable technique that Ads Cloaking uses to determine which ad is performing best. It works by comparing two different versions of an ad to determine which one performs better and drives more traffic. Ads Cloaking creates two completely different versions of an ad with different CTAs and graphics. Then, they find out which version is best by showing each ad to various audiences. 

Ad cloaking scales your ads with A/B testing. It identifies which version is doing better and generating more sales. Thus, it helps CBD advertising agencies enhance the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and adopt new strategies if needed. 

cbd marketing agency
cbd marketing agency

Why is Ads Cloaking Your Ideal Option?

Ads Cloaking is a social media ads agency that helps restricted businesses like CBD gain ad approval across various search engines and social media platforms. It efficiently cloaks your ad to show a safe page to search engine crawlers and ad bots. Similarly, it shows the actual offer page related to CBD promotions to target human viewers. 

Ads Cloaking is optimal for getting ad approval and scaling your ads. It uses updated IP databases and an efficient filtration algorithm to deceive ad auditors. If your ad is not approved on the first try, Ads Cloaking offers a full refund and ad account replacements. 


A specialist CBD ads agency can help you get approval and scale your ads. It cloaks your ads and utilizes various scaling techniques to track your ad’s performance and adopt new strategies. Furthermore, a reliable ad agency can also help you create an engaging and attractive ad campaign for your target audience.

Ads Cloaking is the ideal CBD advertisement agency because it can quickly get you approval. Moreover, it ensures that your ad runs smoothly and drives better conversions than before. For more information, contact us or visit our website adscloaking.com.

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