Top Tools For Cloaking Affiliate Links and Tracking Performance

Top Tools For Cloaking Affiliate Links and Tracking Performance

Are you in search of a way to convert your long and untidy links to simple and more attractive ones? If yes, then cloak your affiliate links. Cloaking your URL or affiliate links has become a necessity in the growing world of affiliate marketing. Link cloaking allows you, as an affiliate marketer, to analyze its performance and safeguard it form malware breaches and manipulation. 

In today’s world, where everything is shifting to digital practices, affiliate marketing is the best way to generate passive income. Affiliate marketing works in a way that you promote or recommend other people’s products to target customers. This way, you have a chance to earn commissions throughout your life. 

However, affiliate marketing can be challenging. You will have to compete with a lot of people in this field if you need to adopt the right strategies. One of the most effective strategies is affiliate link cloaking. It not only secures your link but also optimizes your marketing efforts. 

Ads Cloaking is our recommended link cloaking service provider. It has years of experience in digital marketing. Moreover, there are some other tools for cloaking affiliate links that you can consider. 

Let’s discuss the top tools for cloaking affiliate links and tracking their performance to change the game of revenue potential for you. Initially, let’s discuss what affiliate link cloaking is and why you need to cloak affiliate link.

What is Affiliate Link Cloaking?

Affiliate link cloaking is very common in digital marketing. It usually involves camouflaging long and complex affiliate links and URLs with concise and attractive links. The links are cloaked in such a way that it redirects the users to the affiliate page. 

Cloaking your affiliate link enhances promotion, makes it look trustworthy for the user, protects your affiliate ID from thefts, and allows you to track link performance. This way, you can keep track of performance metrics like conversion rates and CTRs. Therefore, affiliate link cloaking is considered the best strategy in digital marketing to enhance user experience and earn passive income. 

Cloak Affiliate Link
Cloak Affiliate Link

Top Tools To Cloak Affiliate Link

There are two ways to get your affiliate links cloaked: hiring a cloaking agency or using plugins. Both work similarly, but their services differ. 

Cloaking agencies operate the same way as plugins but offer more services. They create a cloaking setup for your affiliate links and URLs. Furthermore, cloaking agencies also manage your cloaked links and ad campaigns and track performance. Moreover, you can also avail of services like the optimization of URLs and advanced analytics from a cloaking agency.

On the other hand, Plugins are installed on WordPress websites. They work by seamlessly integrating into the WordPress dashboard. This allows you to easily create short and effective cloaked affiliate links. Furthermore, you can also avail yourself of other features with plugins, like customized links, management of your affiliate links, and analysis of link performance.

Top Cloaking Agency To Cloak Affiliate Link:

Here is the best cloaking agency that can help you with affiliate links and ad cloaking.

Ads Cloaking is the ideal cloaking agency that you require to cloak your affiliate links. It not only provides cloaking links services but also offers ad management. Ads Cloaking offers you a cloaking setup and develops customized links for you. Furthermore, it also provides valuable insights into your links, which allow you to track performance effectively. Moreover, you can also get approval with the help of Ads Cloaking. It guarantees success for your ads and affiliate links; therefore, it is the optimal choice. 

Top Plugins To Cloak Affiliate Link:

We have shortlisted the following plugins that can help with affiliate link cloaking.

  • Pretty Links is a prominent WordPress plugin that offers you cloaked links and manages them for you. It has a user-friendly interface and allows you to create shortened and attractive URLs that redirect your target audience to the affiliate page. Furthermore, you can also monitor key metrics with Pretty Links to make effective decisions and make your affiliate marketing strategies ideal. 
  • Bitly is another popular URL cloaking tool that is great for cloaking affiliate links. It is mainly recommended because of its link-shortening capabilities. Bitly tracks performance by providing essential insights like geographic data and click counts. It is not rich in features like other plugins, but it is the most straightforward tool, especially for beginners. 
  • Google Analytics is not actually a link cloaker, but it offers services like tracking your website’s performance and link management. It is the ideal way to analyze the performance of your cloaked links. Although it is difficult to understand for beginners, once you figure it out, it works best and provides unparalleled insights into affiliate link performance.

What Do We Recommend?

Both plugins and cloaking agencies provide great means of cloaking affiliate links. However, plugins do not provide the ideal service because they don’t offer in-depth performance tracking of your links and URLs. On the other hand, cloaking agencies like Ads Cloaking not only effectively cloak your affiliate links but also offer valuable insights and more suitable management services. 

Our recommendation is to use the Ads Cloaking service. It has experience cloaking links and URLs to make them engaging and trustworthy for users. You may also wonder how to cloak ads, and Ads Cloaking can also help you with ads cloaking.

Why You Need To Cloak Affiliate Link?

Cloaking affiliate links have a lot of benefits. The following are some mentioned. 

Improve Trustworthiness:

Cloak affiliate link to improve its credibility. Long and untidy links and URLs look spammy, and most potential customers avoid clicking on them. Cloaking changes the untidy links to look more appropriate and trustworthy. Therefore, customers feel free to click on these more visually appealing links. 

Safeguards Your Affiliate ID:

Furthermore, cloaking shields your affiliate ID from data theft. Cloaking is a technique that masks your affiliate ID with shortened and valuable URLs, protecting the ID from malignant threats and breaches. This also ensures that you gain credits for referrals.

Enhances Performance Tracking:

Likewise, cloaking allows you to track the performance of an affiliate link. When you cloak the affiliate link, you learn the conversion rates and click-through rates. This empowers you to identify flaws in your marketing strategies and determine which channels perform best. 

Cloaking Affiliate Link
Cloaking Affiliate Link

Significance of Performance Tracking of Affiliate Links

It is really important to track the performance of your affiliate links to determine flaws and create new strategies if necessary. Tracking assists you in identifying which marketing strategy is providing the highest conversion rates, which websites or products are driving increased traffic, etc. With this information, you can optimize your marketing campaign, which leads to the ultimate boost of your affiliate earnings. 


Cloak affiliate link with Ads Cloaking to get the best results. Affiliate link cloaking is crucial in today’s digital marketing because uncloaked links are unlikely to attract users’ attention, and most people find them unreliable. Therefore, cloaking URLs and links is ideal for attracting potential customers’ attention. 

I hope you find our article helpful. For more information, contact us or visit our website

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