How to Cloak Affiliate Links or do URL cloaking?

How to Cloak Affiliate Links or do URL cloaking?

How to Cloak Affiliate Links or do URL cloaking?

Are you an affiliate marketer who wants to make your affiliate URL look pleasant and tidy? If yes, there is no need to worry because you can cloak affiliate links to personalize them according to your brand. 

Changing long, untidy URLs into simple ones is common in the affiliate marketing industry. Cloaking your URL also protects you from data theft. Additionally, cloaking an affiliate link makes it user-friendly, easy to remember, and straightforward. 

If you are new to affiliate marketing, you will face challenges regarding overly lengthy affiliate links. Affiliate link cloaking will make a positive impression on your visitors. Your URL will not appear as suspicious and harmful to viewers. 

We suggest you use Cloaking Ads for cloaking your URL. It is a prominent cloaking service provider. Cloaking with Cloaking Ads will provide you with plenty of benefits. The most significant ones include making your URL clean and easily identifiable and protecting it from data theft. 

This article will discuss how to cloak affiliate links with Cloaking Ads. We will also discuss the benefits of link cloaking in affiliate marketing. 

URL Cloaking: All you need to know about it

Using a Cloaker allows you to show a different page to bots/ad reviewers and show another black/offer page to normal ad traffic. Affiliate link cloaking is a common practice in affiliate marketing. It is used to cloak the original URL and camouflage it to look uncomplicated. Affiliate link cloaking usually helps you conceal your affiliate ID and track your commissions. Moreover, cloaking makes your URL or affiliate link look more appealing and pleasant to visitors. 

Furthermore, it would help to cloak your affiliate links because people avoid clicking on long links. Long links appear unreliable to most visitors. Therefore, link cloaking helps improve the security of the link and make it look more presentable.

How does affiliate link cloaking work?

An affiliate link cloaking tool will cloak your URL by shortening it. The link cloaker will remove the irrelevant symbols and letters from the URL. Cloaking will make the URL look reliable, tidy, and more memorable. 

As a result, many affiliate marketers use link cloaking to make their domain look good. You can see the example in the given picture. 

cloaking ads
cloaking ads


Why you must Cloak Affiliate Link?

One of the most significant advantages of cloaking your affiliate link is to hide from search engines that your link is an affiliate link. Cloaking will help you display a different URL user and another one to search crawlers. It is a common practice to trick search engines to rank your website higher in SERPs.

Similarly, there are a lot more benefits of cloaking URLs. Let’s discuss how it helps your business in different ways.

  • Target a large audience:

Cloak affiliate link because it shortens your URL in a way that visitors always remember it. It makes your affiliate link look tidy and attractive to visitors. Additionally, people seeing your link will be convinced to share it on other social media platforms. Thus, it will help in engaging a larger audience.

  • Make your link trustworthy:

Long links that contain random numbers and letters appear unreliable to most people. This is because of cyber threats like malware breaches. Suppose you have a long affiliate link comprising random numbers and letters. In that case, it will be challenging for you to gain visitors’ trust. 

The cloaking technique will help you create a name suitable for branding. It will contain the name of your product and domain at the end of the URL slug. Therefore, the cloaked link will appear more secure and reliable to visitors than the uncloaked one. 

  • Efficient affiliate link management:

Managing multiple affiliate programs will be challenging if you are working on them. Cloaking your URL will allow you to manage multiple affiliate links easily easily. A link cloaker, which provides a link management tool, is crucial. 

Cloaking Ads is the most suitable option because it can easily manage and organize all your affiliate links. With the help of Cloaking Ads, you can categorize the links according to your convenience. 

  • Avoid link rot:

Cloak your affiliate link to avoid link rot. Link rot occurs when an affiliate link changes without your consent, and when visitors click on that link, they don’t reach the desired place. 

By cloaking your affiliate URL, if it requires modification, you will have to do it once. Cloaking Ads will update all your cloaked links automatically. 

  • Track URL performance:

Cloaking your affiliate link will help you track your affiliate URL’s performance. You will learn what changes you can make to improve the performance of links. 

Additionally, checking which link performs best will be easy if you have to deal with many. Therefore, cloaking is an effective way to track your link’s status and get the optimal results

  • Easily shareable:

Another great advantage of cloaking your URL is letting you easily share the links. Additionally, it is an invaluable resource in the realm of affiliate marketing.

When your URL is small and manageable, it automatically becomes easily shareable. Moreover, organized and clean affiliate links are more trustworthy. Likewise, they convey a clear message to the viewer.

  • Brand appearance:

A stamp is made in viewers’ minds when your link is clear and easy to understand. For example, if you have an online store for shoes under the name Angelfoots, with pages such as:


All the links above convey a clear and concise message to the viewer.

  • Trouble-free link track:

Cloaking of affiliate links makes tracking traffic from different links easy. It boosts your link management efficiency. It also impacts the speed of your overall work. You will be able to determine which affiliate link is engaging more traffic. Thus, this will help in expanding your brand or business. 

cloaking ads
cloaking ads

Best tool to Cloak Affiliate Link

We have done extensive research to find out the best tool that can efficiently do affiliate link cloaking. After testing several factors, we found that Cloaking Ads only use a coherent cloaking technique. 

Quick Overview:

Cloaking Ads provides the ideal way to cloak your affiliate links. You can show a different page to bots/ad reviewers and show a different black/offer page to normal ad traffic by using Cloaking Ads. It has a user-friendly interface that cloaks your links, making it more attractive. Furthermore, you can effortlessly manage your affiliate links with it. You can mask your desired URL from search engines with Cloaking Ads.

You can also have a consultation session with Cloaking Ads. In the consultation, you can discuss your problems with them, and they will provide you with the most optimal solution. Go to the Cloaking Ads website to check their consultation and cloaking system setup fee. 

URL Cloaking method utilized by Cloaking Ads:

Cloaking Ads use an AI-based red IP database to refine your target traffic from ad reviewers, ad bots, and search engines. Cloaking Ads utilizes a smart system directing ad reviewers and bots to a safe page. Moreover, you can get instantly designed safe cloaked pages with a guarantee of ad approval within 24 hours from Cloaking Ads.

Key Features:

  • It has a URL redirection feature, which will keep your data and link safe from theft.
  • You can manage your affiliate links with its affiliate link management. This will ease your link-tracking process.
  • You can access various link automation tools under its cloaking system setup. As a result, you can create cloaking URLs for all your pages and posts.

FAQs – How To Cloak Affiliate Links or do URL cloaking

What is the difference between link cloaking and link shortening?

Do you need clarification on the two terms, link shortening and link cloaking? If yes, there is no need to worry because we are here to simplify it for you. 

Link cloaking makes a messy link tidy and attractive. Cloaking is used to make the link more readable and convey complete information.

However, link shortening means creating a short link that can redirect visitors to other links that could look unpleasant to the viewer. Link shortening is usually done by services such as TinyURL or Bitly.

Does link cloaking disturb SEO?

No, link cloaking does not affect SEO. Moreover, the SERPs may disturb your website’s ranking if you try to cloak malicious links on your page.

Can I cloak affiliate links without a website?

You can use a link-shortening service such as Tiny URL or Bitly. However, this link would have limitations such as unchangeable URL destinations and hard-to-manage URLs. 

Can I cloak Amazon affiliate links?

No, you cannot cloak Amazon affiliate links. It is because Amazon has its URL shortener built-in with its platforms. Moreover, it is against Amazon’s Operating Agreement. You can use that for cloaking your Amazon affiliate links.


Cloak affiliate link to make it look more attractive and understandable to the viewers. Link cloaking will help you avoid the most common mistake in the competitive world of affiliate marketing. Moreover, using the cloaking technique will prevent data theft. You will be able to reach a greater audience. 

Our recommendation is Cloaking Ads. It efficiently cloaks your affiliate URLs and helps you grow in affiliate marketing. Contact us for more information and consultation. Hope our guide was helpful for you. 

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