How a Crypto Ads Agency can help you get approval on Facebook & Google Ads?

How a Crypto Ads Agency can help you get approval on Facebook & Google Ads?

Crypto Ads Agency
Crypto Ads Agency

Advertising agencies are emerging to benefit businesses in versatile niches and models. It has come up in the crypto world very well.

People in the crypto business need help with ad campaigns that keep them from reaching out to specific business goals.

Many social media platforms restrict cryptocurrency ads even for legal use. Crypto advertising agencies are helping such credible crypto businesses to grow very well. 

Beyond the limitations of social media platforms for cryptocurrency, these marketing agencies help their clients reach their audience by using cloaking services.

Now, the question is: How does the cloaking of these crypto ads work for the crypto business? Let’s figure it out together!

How does a Crypto Ad marketing work?  

Successful exposure in the competitive crypto market needs professional help. Crypto Marketing experts offer solid reasons to figure out why they are essential for your business. They help restricted businesses as well to get ads approval. They help with the following business purposes:

High Exposure

Crypto marketing agencies run ads and guarantee ad approval to reach a specific audience.

These ads increase business exposure and attract potential partnerships, customers, and investors.

Selective audience

Crypto ads allow businesses to target people with similar interests to ensure that the right audience knows about the campaign.

By Generating Leads

The crypto Ads agent helps lead generation to gain customers’ interest and bring potential ones to increase future sales.

Awareness of the Brand

The crypto ads agency uses effective strategies for advertising campaigns. 

It also helps businesses build trust and differentiate them from their competitors.

How can a Crypto Ads agency help you get ad approval on Facebook & Google?

The crypto market is growing and changing daily,  but its advertisement ban on multiple platforms makes it difficult to reach a specific audience.

It gets difficult for reliable cryptocurrency companies not to run their ads on such platforms. 

Crypto ad agencies solve this problem by using ad cloaking.

1. Ads Approval on Facebook

Ads Approval on Facebook
Ads Approval on Facebook

Facebook has many restrictions for crypto businesses to run ads on its platform. A credible Crypto agency can help you get ad approval quickly. 


They can easily advertise the services for certain crypto products using a cloaking strategy.

  • These products include Crypto exchanges, Crypto wallets, Crypto lending, and Crypto borrowing services.
  • Digital currency mining 


After meeting this criterion, the crypto agency uses cloaking strategies to launch a successful ad approved by Facebook.

Facebook Ads Cloaking

Facebook Ads Cloaking is a unique strategy that helps the crypto business grow beyond any ban. It works wonders to help your restricted business reach the targeted audience without hassle. 

The critical feature of cloaking is showing different content from Facebook’s automated algorithm. The content of the ad is smartly crafted to ensure the Ad approval. The crypto ads agency uses this strategy precisely and handles it from all dynamics.

Benefits of Facebook Ads Cloaking 

For a crypto business to grow on Facebook, crypto ad marketing uses ad cloaking services, which gives several benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:


Ads cloaking reduces the threat of disapproval of your business ads. It works as a cost-effective campaign and guarantees ad approval on Facebook quickly.

Flexible approach

Cloaking is the flexible approach to getting ad approval on Facebook. The flexible approach helps crypto businesses to advertise different offers to a targeted audience anytime.

High approval rates

The ad cloaking works wonders in Facebook ad approval. So, the chances of approval rates are high when used by crypto ads agencies. 

Potential audience targets

Targeting a potential audience is a primary goal of advertising agencies. Ad cloaking brings potential customers, investors, and partners to your business.

2. Ads Approval on Google 

Ads Approval on Google
Ads Approval on Google

Google permits the advertisement of crypto for selective products and services. It demands to be certified by Google to promote your crypto business and only target the ads to limited countries.

According to Google, the crypto products, website pages, and advertisements must comply with the legal rules of that specific country.

Google ad cloaking is a solution crypto agencies use to get ad approval.

Google Ads cloaking 

This strategy of ads cloaking displays your business content in two layers to ensure it aligns with Google policies.


Google ad cloaking includes using different methods, such as

  • serving content based on IP address, 
  • geo-targeting,
  • device optimization. 

These strategies help reach out to a specific audience without violating Google policies.

Benefits of Google Ads Cloaking

Crypto ads marketing uses Google Ads Cloaking for restricted businesses in the crypto market. Ad cloaking complies with Google policies, so the chances of ad approval are very high. 

  • The high ad approval brings more potential members to your business.
  • It also enhances the visibility of your crypto business. The high visibility of your business helps to accomplish the business goals.

How does guaranteed Ad cloaking work for your crypto business?

Ad cloaking successfully runs ad campaigns to enable ad approval for restricted businesses

We provide ad cloaking services to achieve a safe landing page and get ad views from specific audiences on Facebook and Google.

With our cloaking services, your investment is safe and guaranteed to get ad approval in three steps.

  1. Cloaking configuration as per requirements on the new URL
  2. Get Ad approval on any platform by using the cloaked URL
  3. Filtration of traffic, Sending ads to save pages and add traffic to another page.


If you are a beginner in crypto and want to establish your business rapidly, then you are at the right place. The ban on crypto ads on social media platforms makes it difficult to meet specific business goals.

Our expertise in ad approval by using ad cloaking can help you optimize your crypto business campaign efficiently.

Our Ad Cloaker services are effective for ad approvals on Facebook and Google.  reliable ad cloaking techniques can help you get guaranteed results with 24/7 personalized support. Take advantage of our fantastic offers. Book your slot today! And get ad approval for your crypto business swiftly and efficiently. 

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