Understanding Ad Cloaking & URL Cloaking

Understanding Ad Cloaking & URL Cloaking

Are you wondering what the difference is between ad cloaking and URL cloaking or how ad cloaking or URL cloaking works? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We have done extensive research and tailored an in-depth guide for you. 

Affiliate marketing is the ultimate competition in today’s digital world. However, you need help to reach the peak of affiliate marketing quickly. You must have invested in digital ads on social media platforms and got disappointed and a banned account as a result. It is because your ad does not comply with the platform’s rules and policies.

As an affiliate marketer, you must cloak your ads and URL to get the best outcome from your business or ads. Cloaking your ads and URL is an ideal way to succeed in affiliate marketing. 

You should use Cloaking Ads service to excel in the vast realm of digital marketing. It is an optimal marketing agency. Cloaking Ads can help you effectively cloak your advertisements and URLs. 

If you have faced complicated situations, you should understand the importance of ad and link cloaking. In this article, we will navigate you through the expansive world of cloaking. 

What is Ad Cloaking?

Advertisment cloaking is an effective technique used in affiliate marketing to get approval for restricted businesses. It shows a safe page to ad reviewers, search engine crawlers, and bots. As a result, it shows the uncomplying offer page to the target audience. Digital marketers usually use cloaking to promote advertisements of products or services which are not against social media platform’s policies.

Ad cloaking helps advertise banned content, misleading information, or malicious landing pages on online platforms. You can deceive ad platforms about the actual content of your advert. Furthermore, it is an essential technique that allows affiliate advertisers to circumvent online platforms’ guidelines and show adverts that can quickly get banned if not cloaked. 

Process of Ad Cloaking:

The process begins by creating a safe landing page for bots and ad reviewers. The page is usually according to the policies of the online platform on which you want to get your ad approved. Once the ad is live, users who click on it are redirected to the offer page. The offer page for the target audience can be about restricted businesses or any other prohibited content

Likewise, the ad reviewers see a compliant and safe page. Thus, cloaking your ad helps trick the online platform and makes them believe that the ad follows all rules and guidelines. 

Ad Cloaking
Ad Cloaking

What is URL Cloaking?

URL cloaking assists you in personalizing affiliate links according to your brand. It is the best strategy to become successful in digital marketing. By cloaking your website’s URL, you can make it look simple to understand and pleasant for the viewer. Additionally, cloaking a URL or affiliate link helps people remember it easily because of its simplicity. 

Many affiliate marketers utilize affiliate link cloaking to promote their brand, website, or services. It is used to cloak the untidy link and make it look more straightforward and uncomplicated. Furthermore, it also helps you conceal your affiliate ID and track commissions. 

Moreover, it is essential for gaining people’s trust because most people hesitate to click on a long link. This is because long URLs or affiliate links are considered unreliable. The primary purpose of cloaking URLs is to make them look safe to the viewer and even to automated systems. Thus, affiliate link cloaking improves your security and helps you gain more attention from people or website visitors. 

Process of Cloaking URLs:

A cloaking tool shortens your URL and makes it look authentic. Cloaker usually removes unnecessary symbols in the link to shorten it and make it look trustworthy. This way, you can make your domain look good as an affiliate marketer.

link Ad Cloaking
link Ad Cloaking

Benefits of Cloaking

Here are some impactful benefits of cloaking.

  1. You can quickly get acceptance of your ad on various social media platforms. These include Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  2. It allows you to advertise about banned products or services. These include counterfeit or replicas, CBD products, certain weight loss products, cryptocurrency, Forex ads, etc.
  3. Link cloaking makes it look reliable to visitors.
  4. You can avoid link rot by cloaking your affiliate link or URL. Link rot usually occurs when a link changes without your consent.
  5. It allows you to manage multiple affiliate links effectively.
  6. Cloaking ads is helpful in tricking ad bots and reviewers.
  7. Cloaking the URL enhances your brand’s appearance to customers.
  8. Cloaked links are easy to share. Similarly, it is simple to track URL performance when it’s cloaked. 

Types of Cloaking

Cloaking is of three types. These are black hat cloaking, gray hat cloaking, and white hat cloaking. Here, the types are discussed briefly.

Black Hat Cloaking:

In Black hat cloaking, you can intentionally deceive search engine crawlers to rank higher in search results. In it, the Cloaker shows different pages to bots and ad reviewers and a separate offer page to human visitors. Black hat cloaking violates search engine guidelines.

Gray Hat Cloaking:

It is a cloaking practice that strictly does not violate Search engine guidelines and policy. However, it is still somewhat manipulative. For instance, in gray hat cloaking, ad cloakers use IP-based cloaking to show different content to human viewers in other regions worldwide. 

White Hat Cloaking:

It is an entirely transparent and non-manipulative cloaking technique. White hat cloaking provides a better user experience without violating any policies of search engines or other social media marketing platforms. 

Why do We suggest Cloaking Ads Service To Cloak Your Ads or URLs?

Cloaking Ads provide the most efficient way to cloak your advertisements or URLs. With Cloaking Ads, you can show a safe page to ad bots and the actual offer page to human viewers. It also allows you to cloak your URL to make it look pleasant and secure to the viewer.

Key Features:

  • You can keep your data and affiliate links safe from theft because of Cloaking Ad’s URL redirection feature. 
  • It uses a red IP database to filter human traffic from bots and ad reviewers. 
  • You can create multiple cloaked links and URLs with the service. 

FAQs – Understanding Ad Cloaking and URL Cloaking

Is link shortening and link cloaking the same thing?

No, both are different. Link shortening makes a link shorter but not engaging or memorable. However, link cloaking allows you to change your untidy and long URL into a professional and unique URL or link. 

Can Cloaking Ads get me ad approval on Facebook?

Yes, Cloaking Ads can get you ad approval on Facebook and other social media marketing platforms. These include TikTok, Snapchat, YouTube, Google, Bing, etc.


Cloak your adverts or URLs to excel in the world of digital marketing. Ad Cloaking allows you to deceive ad bots and get your advertisement of restricted business approved across various platforms. Similarly, affiliate link cloaking assists you in enhancing the visuals of your brand by making your affiliate links or URLs tidy, short, and memorable.

Use Cloaking Ads service to get the best outcome from your affiliate links and digital advertisements. Contact us for more information. I hope our guide was helpful. 

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